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Collins - Sante Fe
Because I'm a nice person, I decided to type up the back cover of "Forbidden Girl" so you too can enjoy the insanity of it all!

Heero Yuy

Age: 26 years old /Height: 182 cm (5'9"!) /Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs!)

Son of a YUI foundation
It falls in love with the "woman" who lurks in the young body of the girl DUO who saw by chance with the institution which went out by inspection, and a guarantor is offered at his own discretion. It dislikes that DUO gets interested in things other than himself.
"...generally...her sex appeal is not common If it becomes, it must be made to learn to the body."

Duo Maxwell

Age: 14 years old /Height: 144 cm (4'7" O_o) /Weight: 33 kg (72 lbs!)

Woman junior high school student. When young, parents are lost in the accident, and it is taken over by a supporter's son HEERO YUY with the accommodated institution. every day of suffering is spent to his love which can be referred to as excessive with the thought by HEERO on the contrary, without the ability always hiding uneasiness.

"HEERO...I am your fondness doll forever. Whether I spread...?"

I simply love how they refer to people as "it". Oh, the hilarity!

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I went through a lot of trouble uploading this stuff and such. You better comment! So help you if you don't comment...


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